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(Discontinued) Porsche 935 K3 1980 No.71 Le Mans, Drivers: Bobby Rahal/Allan Moffat/Bob Carretson

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TrueScale Miniatures 09181




White with Stripes and decals


Vintage Race

limited edition of 3000 models

out of stock
This model is discontinued!


The Model

Remarkable detailed model with interior and exterior decorations to the maximum level a model of its class can get. A real master piece that has nothing to fear!!!

The Original

Porsche 935 K3 1980 No.71 Le Mans, Drivers: Bobby Rahal/Allan Moffat/Bob Carretson

In the 1970's the Porsche 935 was dominating the world of GT racing with no worthy adversary in sight. Two brothers, Mnfred and Erwin Kremer, stepped up to the challenge and by 1979 the K3 was born.

The Porsche 935 K3 is third in a line of 935 variants developed by Kremer Racing, and remains one of the most famous race cars designed to this day. Most identifiable by its unique body configuration, the Kremer 3(K3) had a twin turbocharged 3.2 liter flat six cylinder motor producing upwards of 740 to 800 bhp. But power alone would not be enough to battle the factory built 935's so Kremer Racing focused on shedding weight. They replaced the factory fitted air to water intercooler with an air to air intercooler, replaced body panels with light weight composites, and implemented over 100 other upgrades. All these changes are thought to have only given the K3 935 a 1% performance increase over their factory built counterparts but that's all that was needed. The 935 finally had its worthy adversary

After all of this fine tuning, the new variant was ready in time for the 1979 Zolder round of the German Sports Car Championship, were Klaus Ludwig beat out many other 935s in a convincing debut victory. Throughout the rest of the season, he was able to secure 11 out of 12 possible victories while driving the K3. Ludwig would later showcase the vehicle at Le Mans and managed to achieve its biggest victory together with brothers Don and Bill Whittingdon. In the following years numerous K3s were raced with great success on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly in the North American IMSA Championship.

Despite its fantastic track record, it is believed that only 13 complete 935 K3s were produced by Kremer. Howerer, even with such a limited production, the K3's numerous wins and performance secured its place in the ranks of legendary racing cars to this day.