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Nissan Skyline GT-R Sports Resetting R34

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AUTOart 77359 (AutoArt Racing Division)






Sports Coupe

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The Model

A Remarkable replica of the real car. True to each small detail. Interior and exterior fully matching the real one.

Get that model and burn some tyres..... living the others far away to stare your collection.

The Original

Nismo Sklyline GT-R S Tune (R34) R1

The skyline name first in 1957 on an austere sedan, but it didn't earn the nickname "GODZILLA" until 1989 with the introduxtion of the all wheel drive Skyline GT-R R32, built until 1994 only in right hand steering and symbolizing the technology and exuberance pervading Japan's bublle econoy of the late 1980s. After the R33's flirtation with refinement and dimension growth in 1995, Nissan re-launched the GT-R in 1999 with the R34, returning the Skyline to its super sports originas. The R34 was smaller and stiffer, and marked the return of the famed RB26DETT, updated with refinements but still the same 2.6 liter dual cam 24 valve inline six with twin turbo chargers.

No fewer than 11 variants and specials of the R34 were produces, including the final factory model, the V spec II/M spec Nur in February, 2002(named for the famous Nurburgring circuit where much of the GT-R's development work had been done).The 1000 units of the NUR edition sold outin a single day. Four R34 models used to engine, suspension, and aerodynamic tweaks directly adopted from racing by the Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) group. Horsepower varied depending on the model, with the R tune generating 454 hp, the S-tune 404 hp and the Sport Reseting package offering 354 hp. In 2005, three years after the production of the GT-R ended in August, 2002 due to heightened emissions regulations, NISMO produced 20 copies of the 160.000 dollar model, with 500 horsepower ztune. Modified from used GT-R's bought on the open market, the Ztune was the final word on the GT-R R34.