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Panzerkampfwagen V Jagdpanther, Schw.Heeres Panzer Jagdabt. 559 'WESTFRONT 1944' late version

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Minichamps 350019022 (Minichamps Military)




Camouflage Yellow sand / Green and Brown spots




€165.00 €140.00 (≈US$163.60)
ACM Club! price:
€156.75 €133.00 (≈US$155.42)


The Original

The Panther was intended as the “Reich’s” answer to the Russian T34 tank that appeared at the front in July 1941. Many new engineering ideas had been built into its design and this resulted in the “Panther” becoming what was regarded by experts as the best armed combat vehicle of the Second World War. Some of the design features have even made their way into modern tank design through the end of the 20th Century.

At the time of its service it was superior to all contenders regarding battle armour, manoeuvrability, weaponery and range. In the middle of 1944, a development version named “Ausf.G” was introduced which contained a number of improvements suggested by the troops in which the “Panther” had been in service.

Technical Data:

Weapons: Main: 8,8cm KWK 43/3 L/71
Additional: 1 MG 34

Superstructure Armor: Front: 80mm, Sides: 45mm, Rear: 40mm

Measurements & Weight: Length:9870mm, Height: 2715mm, Width 3420 mm, Ground Clearance 560mm, Weight: 45500 kg

Engine: Maybach HL 230 P30 V12, Water cooled, Performance 700 hp at 3000 rpm, Displacement: 23095 ccm, Top Speed Terrain 30 km/h