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Chaparral 2/2C Works Prototype Flipper Wing 1965

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Exoto 18146






Vintage Race

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The Model

Superlative Detail and Finish - An Absolute Winner!


Exoto is proud to bring you a Chaparral that dwarfs the competition in detail and finish. Words alone cannot describe the detail and attention that Exoto put into the grand 1:18 scale replica which features no fewer than 6 opening parts!

The removable body panels set a new industry standard for fit and finish: beautiful, crisp vents in the shark fin fenders, separate metal rear spoiler, hinges that are flush with the bodywork, genuine wire mesh, countless photo-etch parts and a glorious paint finish

Beneath the skin is miles of real metal wire, machined aluminum, fabric seat belts with photo-etch hardware, functioning steering and suspension, flexible brake cooling ducts, brake discs that turn within the calipers, opening fuel filler caps, and more...

Over 9'' (23 cm). Hand asembled from over 350 scaled precision parts, many in photo-etch and machined parts. Superb 11 step paint finish. Authentic colors. High lustre.

  • Die-cast shark fin openings and real wire mesh on removable front bodywork

  • Opening fuel filter doors and caps

  • Full die-cast monocoque frame

  • Butterfly hinged doors held open by metal wires

  • Photo-etch and braided hoses throughout

  • True to the original suspension, positive steering function

  • Glass covered and wired instruments

  • Highly detailed Chevy V8 engine, fully wired and plumbed

  • Removable die-cast rear bodywork

  • Adjustable 'Flipper' Wing

  • Real Wire mesh on body panels

Exoto brings you more than a replica: Exoto brings you the best reproduction of the real thing.

Get your own numbered, lilmited edition asap as this model is retired & rare

© 1998-2004 Exoto Inc. All rights reserved

The Original

Winning Through Evolution

Chassis 2A003, the third Chaparral 2, had already met with great success (6 wins in 13 races) when it was rebuilt as the new "2/2C". This update included the aerodynamic "tricks" from the new Chaparral 2C. Most notable was the wild 'Flipper' wing!

The moveable rear 'Flipper' wing showed the way forward, the entire science of aerodynamics being in its infancy at the time. The driver operated a hydraulic actuator to adjust the angle of the rear spoiler during a race; it could be set to a very aggressive angle for maximum downforce in the corners, or to lie horizontally for minimum drag and maximum top speed! The competition really never had a chance.

Many teams would have been satisfied with such a massive advance; the 2/2C went on to win every race it entered, including its debut race at the L.A. Times Grand Prix. But for Chaparral, good was never good enough and even more daring developments were already in the works.

© 1998-2004 Exoto Inc. All rights reserved